Packaging For A Post-Binary Gender World

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    The package design is tasteful and subdued, using matte textures in teal, mint green, black and light blue.

  • 02 /06

    Hellsten's razor kit would be sold through a website that asks customers what they will use their razor for, for example, their face, legs or head, and changes the shape of the handle and the blade based on their response.

  • 03 /06

    "Strong and powerful products need to communicate their effectiveness and this is achieved by using masculine visual language," she writes.

  • 04 /06

    "I learned that there in fact are physical differences in the razors for men and women," she writes. "Though, these differences are related only to the function of the product, which isn’t always related to the gender of the consumer."

  • 05 /06

    "Packaging design is our first interaction with a product and it currently perpetuates gender stereotypes," she says. "Designing gender-neutral packaging will encourage gender equality and will create a more sustainable world."

  • 06 /06

    Her shaving cream comes in two varieties, for dry skin and normal skin.


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