One Year After EOL, Windows Server 2003 Still Running in 53 Percent of Companies

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: That’s the attitude that has kept Windows Server 2003 chugging along despite a number of new and improved offerings from Microsoft over the years. In fact, a recent survey from Spiceworks found that 53 percent of business are still running Windows Server 2003 —almost a year after the software’s July 14, 2015 End of Life.

But while Windows Server 2003 might still be going strong, it comes with plenty of its own risks: It’s no longer receiving security updates, and the longer it goes past EOL, the more duct tape it will take to keep running.

Still, 13 years is a lot of value out of one piece of software.

Read the full results of the survey, which dives into virtualization adoption and server hardware, at Spiceworks’ blog .

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