a leveldb backed auth plugin for sinopia private npm

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a leveldb backed auth plugin forsinopia private npm

  • This plugin saves only hashes of the password
  • Plugin comes with an api tool to perform various operations (see below)
  • Supports groups, groups can be used in sinopia's config.yaml to restrict access to packages

set up

install sinopia and the plug in

npm install -g sinopia
npm install -g sinopia-leveldb

add this to config.yaml, in the auth section:

    file: ./userdb

    # replace the control port use to communicate 
    # between the cli and sinopia.
    # this configuration is optional
    # controlServerPort: 4874

The db path is relative to the location of sinopia's config.yaml You should also remove htpasswd plugin if it's there

fire up sinopia


I usually use pm2 for this.

use the cli tool to initialize the database

With a root user, pick any name

sinopia-leveldb init myuser

The cli provide in itself is not secure and is designed to work on the machine that is running sinopia

other cli commands

set password

sinopia-leveldb set-password myuser

add user to groups

sinopia-leveldb add-group myuser somegroup

list user's groups

sinopia-leveldb list myuser

list all users with their groups

sinopia-leveldb list


MIT © yaniv kessler


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