Simple express-like routing for front-end

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A simple front-end routing for your pages. It loads the script only when the DOM is ready. It can handle both Regex and paths


pagex(path, [negate?], callback);
  • path: the path or regex to be matched against the current url
  • negate (optional): set to true to call the function if NOT in this path. Really useful for the difficulty to do so otherwise
  • callback: the callback to call if the path matches (or if it doesn't and it's negated)


A simple front-end router based on express.js router , which is based on path-to-regexp :

pagex('/hi', function(){
  alert('Hi there!');

You can get the url parameters easily:

pagex('/users/:username', function(username){
  alert('Hi there ' + username + '!');

Make them optional:

// Note: ES6 default parameter shown here
pagex('/users/:username?', function(username = 'everyone'){
  alert('Hi there ' + username + '!');


Originally the main way of doing this was with pure regex (that's why it's called pagex, from Page + Regex). However, the main way now is with paths that get converted internally to regex. If you want to use regex you can do so:

// Starts by a string
pagex(/^\/user/, function(){
  console.log("User section loaded");

// When NOT in this page, since negating in regex is complex:
pagex(/^\/user/, true, function(){
  console.log("User index");

// Strict page
pagex(/^\/user$/, function(){
  console.log("User index");

// Parameters from capturing groups, with required id
pagex(/^\/user\/([A-Za-z0-9]+)/, function(id){
  console.log("Hello user " + id + "!");

// Parameters from capturing groups, with optional id
pagex(/^\/user\/?([A-Za-z0-9]+)?/, function(id){
  console.log("Are you there, user " + id + "?");

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