Recent WebSphere Liberty plug-in enhancements

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Recent versions of the IBM WebSphere Liberty plug-in add new support for collectives. A Liberty collective is an administrative domain for a group of Liberty servers. To learn more about Liberty collectives, see Liberty: Collective architecture .


  • The recent enhancements to the plug-in include support for creating collectives, joining servers to the collective as members, registering hosts with the collective, uploading files to registered hosts, and starting and stopping servers in the collective by using the Liberty collective controller.

New steps

  • The Create Collective step creates a new collective and configures the specified server as the collective controller.
  • The Join Collective step adds a Liberty server as a member of a collective.
  • The Register Host step registers a new host with a collective.
  • The Unregister Host step unregisters a host from a collective.
  • The Update Host step updates read and write paths for a registered host.
  • The Upload File To Collective Host step uploads a source file to a host in the collective.

To find out more, see the IBM WebSphere Liberty plug-in page or read the plug-in documentation .

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