Feral have now fixed the OpenGL performance regression in Mad Max

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The OpenGL performance regression that made Vulkan look like it annihilated OpenGL in Mad Max's recent Beta has now been fixed.

As a small reminder, Mad Max currently has a public beta for owners of the game to test out Feral's new Vulkan version. You can enter "livelongandprosper" to get access to the "vulkan_beta" branch.

From the notes on Feral's Facebook post :

Quote Fixed performance regression in OpenGL renderer. Vulkan should now only be significantly ahead in situations where GL was unable to keep the GPU busy.

Great to see Feral very quickly act on feedback from us and others about the performance issues.

They also note they are currently looking into these issues:

  • Performance issue with kernel 4.9+ related to online mode.
  • Crash on boot on NVIDIA without GLVND (e.g. Debian). Can be worked around by installing libgl1-nvidia-glvnd-glx on Debian.

Any feedback about the Vulkan Mad Max beta should be sent to: vulkanfeedback@feralinteractive.com

How have you been finding the Vulkan version?


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