Solix Technologies Partners with Cloudera and Dell, as Enterprise Data Market Heats Up

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Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is hardly new, but the market is just starting to gain traction. Though EDM was once considered a practicality, it’s now apparent that the ever-increasing amounts of data have accumulated beyond manageability. Just recently, it was estimated that a whopping 90% of data in the world had been created in the previous two years alone. With the amount of digital content projected to double every 18 months, some projections estimate total data traffic to hit 100.2 zettabytes in 2020. To put that number into perspective, one zettabyte is equal to one sextillion bytes. Thus, a solution to managing big data has become both mandatory and business critical.

Masses of unstructured data actually present a huge burden to organizations in the form of unnecessary ongoing costs. Unused or improperly managed data can lead to serious problems for any organization, including compliance risks that can damage trust with partners and clients. Some organizations think they can manage this problem by simply increasing storage amounts.

Unfortunately, this is not a viable long-term solution. It not only requires them to purchase additional storage frequently, but takes valuable time away from IT personnel, who are forced to focus on trying to manage all of the data rather than more strategic initiatives. All of this is bad news for efficiency and resource usage, and the costs can become exorbitant.

With the proper approach to EDM, however, companies stand to effectively reduce infrastructure costs by 20 to 50 percent while simultaneously improving application performance. In addition, a solid EDM solution can help maximize an organization’s ability to extract valuable insights from its data, leading to better revenue-generating activities that can really impact their bottom line. The more data you can put to use and monetize, the better!

So what should you look for in a good EDM system? A robust data management system should be able to accurately and efficiently copy, move, transform, store and delete data according to information lifecycle management policies, and ensure that sensitive information is encrypted while also providing robust analytics. Adopting and integrating new technologies can sometimes seem overwhelming, but it’s important to carefully assess the cost analysis and determine if the right solution will maximize your ROI.

Using Apache Hadoop as a framework, we’re able to provide a rapid, cost-effective, and consistent experience with seamless deployment. Apache Hadoop has the advantage of offering uniform data collection, low-cost data storage, and advanced analytics capabilities at an enterprise scale. Hadoop ingests both structured and unstructured data, leverages low-cost commodity infrastructure, and delivers massive scalability. Hadoop lends itself to almost any workload including large deployments across the banking, financial services, industrial, healthcare, and aerospace and defense industries and at leading companies such as BAE Systems, Santander Bank, Juniper Networks and leading wholesale distributor, ABC Supply.

As more companies around the globe confront the struggle of managing their data, many have taken steps to integrate solutions that improve their resource usage and performance. At Solix Technologies, we’re committed to improving our platforms so that you can improve the data efficiency of your organization. Our partnerships include Dell Digital Business Services, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Oracle, SAP and others.

To meet this opportunity, we launched the Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) as a uniform data collection system for structured and unstructured data featuring low-cost data storage and advanced analytics. What makes CDP unique is the ability to better describe enterprise data and manage all data in a single repository based on a common set of policies. Further, CDP ingests enterprise data into Apache Hadoop and normalizes it into an Enterprise Business Record - a point in time snapshot of data that allows users to search for files using a simple text search.

We’re thrilled about the Solix Common Data Platform and its ability to help businesses improve application performance, reduce storage costs, and meet compliance and data privacy requirements. We’re excited to help define the future of the data-driven enterprise, and empower organizations to harness big data.

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