"Way Cooler" Is A Wayland Window Manager / Compositor Written In Rust

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You may have noticed in recent days and particularly today that the Phoronix site speed has been rather slow... Improvements are coming over the weekend with transitioning to a new server.

12 August 01:45 PM EDT -Phoronix - Phoronix Server Upgrade -2 Comments

Richard Jones at Red Hat has been working on bringing up RISC-V processor architecture support for Fedora.

12 August 08:53 AM EDT -Hardware - Fedora RISC-V -5 Comments

A new version of the Wayland Protocols is now available.

12 August 08:29 AM EDT -Wayland - Wayland-Protocols 1.6 -5 Comments

Red Hat is looking to hire two individuals for testing of laptops and tracking down any shortcomings in their support as it pertains to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

12 August 08:12 AM EDT -Red Hat - Red Hat Job -4 Comments

For fans of the Ardour digital audio workstation software, version 5.0 of this popular open-source audio software is now available.

12 August 07:55 AM EDT -Multimedia - Ardour 5.0 -4 Comments

For those that may be interested in the Clear Linux distribution for improved performance or other innovative functionality, the third "Clear Linux Highlights" newsletter has been published to share more of the recent changes to this Linux distribution out of the Intel Open-Source Technology Center.

12 August 07:48 AM EDT -Operating Systems - Clear Linux Highlights 3 -Add A Comment

11 August

Google appears to be working on a new operating system that's written from scratch and appears to be target both phones and PCs, among other form factors.

11 August 07:34 PM EDT -Google - Google -Add A Comment

I hadn't realized until now that it's the Free Software Foundation's first time issuing an annual report since it was formed thirty years ago.

11 August 06:15 PM EDT -Free Software - Free Software Foundation -2 Comments

HP Enterprise has announced it's acquiring SGI, formerly known as Silicon Graphics.

11 August 05:34 PM EDT -Hardware - HP Buys SGI -6 Comments

The merge window for Linux 4.8 closed this past weekend and while our feature overview covers all the exciting changes there is some functionality we wish would be in this kernel -- or existing functionality to otherwise be changed / improved upon -- that unfortunately is not.

11 August 11:58 AM EDT -Linux Kernel - Linux 4.8 Drops -11 Comments

So much for Secure Boot being so secure... After a mistake by Microsoft, the "golden key" is now out in the wild.

11 August 08:56 AM EDT -Microsoft - Secure Boot -48 Comments

Earlier this week I published some Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux OpenGL benchmarks showing how the native gaming performance is different between the competing platforms. Ubuntu Linux lost nearly all of those results with the Intel Mesa driver to Windows 10. In this article are those previous benchmarks plus now having Intel Clear Linux benchmarks added in the mix. Months ago in previous tests we've found Clear Linux to have faster Linux graphics performance than other distributions.

11 August 08:41 AM EDT -Operating Systems -21 Comments

10 August

The open-source VIA/Chrome Linux graphics driver stack may not have an up-to-date DRM/KMS driver or working Mesa/Gallium3D driver, but the lone community developer left working on this code has continued to improve the DDX driver over the past few months.

10 August 06:33 PM EDT -VIA - xf86-video-openchrome -5 Comments

Yesterday I published early open-source benchmarks of the Radeon RX 470 while today is a full 18-way graphics card comparison including the newly-launched Radeon RX 460 and Radeon RX 470 graphics cards alongside the RX 480 Polaris graphics card. All of the AMD graphics cards tested for this article were running the very latest open-source driver stack on the Linux 4.8 kernel and Mesa 12.1-dev Git.

10 August 12:06 PM EDT -Graphics Cards -57 Comments

During the early days of kernel mode-setting (KMS) one of the frequently talked about future improvements that could be made as a result of it were improved error messages (like Windows BSODs) in the case of problems and other improvements on that front. While patches have emerged from time to time, it still seems like functionality that's still less than fulfilled compared to the original talked about goals. Patches this week have been revived for DRM panic handling.

10 August 09:29 AM EDT -Linux Kernel - DRM Panic -20 Comments

The latest feature to land in the GIMP 2.9 development code for the much anticipated GIMP 2.10 milestone is support for WebP image files.

10 August 08:55 AM EDT -GNOME - GIMP WebP -18 Comments

Continuing Wayland release manager Bryce Harrington at Samsung has laid out plans for shipping Wayland/Weston 1.12 in just over one month.

10 August 08:18 AM EDT -Wayland - Wayland 1.12 -9 Comments

The patches written about last week for using unflushed fences for deferred flushes has now landed within the Radeon Gallium3D code. Performance win!

10 August 08:13 AM EDT -Radeon - BioShock Boost -8 Comments

The previously talked about KDE Kirigami UI framework has now experienced its first public release.

10 August 07:54 AM EDT -KDE - KDE Kirigami UI -3 Comments

9 August

When Microsoft and Canonical brought Bash and Ubuntu's user-space to Windows 10 earlier this year I ran some preliminary benchmarks of Ubuntu on Windows 10 versus a native Ubuntu installation on the same hardware. Now that this "Windows Subsystem for Linux" is part of the recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update, I've carried out some fresh benchmarks of Ubuntu running atop Windows 10 compared to Ubuntu running bare metal.

9 August 09:00 PM EDT -Operating Systems -43 Comments

As I mentioned in this morning's Early Open-Source Linux Benchmarks Of The AMD Radeon RX 470, coming up tomorrow I will be publishing the first benchmarks of the Radeon RX 460 under Linux in a AMD/NVIDIA graphics card comparison. However, for those impatient, here are some standalone Linux OpenGL benchmarks of the RX 460 on the AMDGPU+RadeonSI driver stack so you can see how your own system compares.

9 August 08:10 PM EDT -Hardware - Radeon RX 460 -9 Comments

The first update following the major digiKam 5.0 release is now available. DigiKam 5.0 was the dramatic port to Qt5 and many other improvements/changes.

9 August 06:00 PM EDT -KDE - DigiKam 5.1 -1 Comment

The first 16.04 beta is now publicly available of UbuntuBSD, the unofficial Ubuntu derivative that pairs the Ubuntu user-space with the FreeBSD kernel.

9 August 05:51 PM EDT -BSD - UbuntuBSD -11 Comments

Version 2.1 of the Godot Engine, a cross-platform 2D/3D game engine that was opened up back in 2014, is now available.

9 August 03:59 PM EDT -Linux Gaming - Godot 2.1 -Add A Comment

The RadeonSI Gallium3D driver has picked up support for two more OpenGL ARB extensions outside of what's mandated by OpenGL 4.5.

9 August 01:42 PM EDT -Radeon - Multi-Draw Stuff -5 Comments

With my Radeon RX 470 retail unit finally having arrived yesterday, I've been running many benchmarks of this graphics card compared to other AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards under Linux. For your viewing pleasure today is the very tip of the iceberg of many RX 460 and RX 470 Linux benchmarks to be published on Phoronix over the days to come.

9 August 11:29 AM EDT -Graphics Cards -36 Comments

Just as a quick word of warning, the open-source AMD Linux driver stack won't be supporting HDMI/DP audio with the new Radeon RX 460/470/480 "Polaris" graphics cards until its massive DAL code-base is merged.

9 August 09:14 AM EDT -Radeon - AMD DAL Audio -47 Comments

The Reiser4 file-system now has support for the latest stable Linux kernel series, Linux 4.7.

9 August 08:08 AM EDT -Linux Storage - Reiser4 -28 Comments

Today marks the Fedora 25 Alpha release that also means it's time for the software string freeze and Bodhi activation point. If all goes well, Fedora 25 will be released three months from yesterday.

9 August 07:58 AM EDT -Fedora - Fedora 25 Alpha -14 Comments

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