Node.JS: Can't start my meteor app on a centos7 DO server

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I just git cloned from Telescope's git repository and run meteor, but it can't start the app successfully. How to deal with this ? I've googled but I can't get a easy to follow solution.

=> Started proxy.

=> Started MongoDB. nova:rss: updating npm dependencies — rss… Unexpected

mongo exit code null. Restarting.


throw error;

^ Error: spawn ENOMEM

at errnoException (child_process.js:1011:11)

at ChildProcess.spawn (child_process.js:958:11)

at Object.exports.spawn (child_process.js:746:9)

at spawnMongod (/tools/runners/run-mongo.js:45:24)

at launchOneMongoAndWaitForReadyForInitiate (/tools/runners/run-mongo.js:468:12)

at launchMongo (/tools/runners/run-mongo.js:682:7)

at MongoRunner._startOrRestart (/tools/runners/run-mongo.js:789:19)

at [object Object]. (/tools/runners/run-mongo.js:857:14)

at runWithEnvironment (/tools/utils/fiber-helpers.js:112:21)

Solution :

After adding swap space in my server, it worked.Here is help for adding swap in centos:


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