Aurelia + Jspm 0.17

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Even though I have moved onto Webpack sometime ago in Aurelia, partly driven by frustration over how buggy things are with Webpack and Aurelia, I decided to see if Jspm 0.17 would work with Aurelia.

Without delving into unnecessary details, I got a skeleton setup with Aurelia and Jspm 0.17. Check it out here .

There is one remaining issue and that is the Aurelia Bundler is broken. This means bundling does not currently work with this skeleton. However, I am looking into a bundling solution that might not even need the plugin and just use the Jspm builder directly. Watch this space.

Be warned that Jspm 0.17 is currently beta, so it might have issues if used in production. This was more of a proof of concept to see if 0.17 worked with Aurelia.


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