Traveltime routing & catchment extension for the QGIS IDF router

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As announced in Salzburg a few days ago, I’m happy to present the lastest enhancement to my IDF router for QGIS : travel time routing and catchment computation.

Travel times for pedestrians and cyclists are computed using a constant average speeds, while car travel times depend on the speed values provided by the road network data.

Catchment computations return the links that can be traversed completely within the given time (or distance limit). The current implementation does not deal with links at the edge of the catchment area, which can only be traversed partially.

Loading the whole network (2.7GB unzipped IDF) currently requires around 10GB of memory. One of the next plans therefore is to add a way to only load features within a specified bounding box.

Plans to turn this into a full-blown plugin will most likely have to wait for QGIS 3, which will ship with Python 3 and other updated libraries.

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