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Tivix deals with Django/Python problems every day, and we gratefully use many awesome Django packages via PyPi to create fine-crafted features which build upon the work of others. As a return contribution, we recently released a new Django open-source library: django-rest-auth . We developed this to make your Django application able to send/receive RESTful HTTP requests for User Authentication.

This library is built on top of django-rest-framework (thanks, Tom Christie!). We understand that every project has its own models, structures, and different needs for REST API endpoints. However when it comes to User Login, Sign Up, and other usual suspects, everyone is basically building the same set of API monuments in their own way for User Authentication. What if you win another project deal that targets multiple client platforms? You would have this Déjà vu; repeating the same process to build same API sets for your users, simply because you don't have a reusable component for User Authentication.

This is not the only great news for mobile app platforms. What about AngularJS and other awesome Single Page App (SPA) frameworks? They surely share some backend components to enable a rich web dynamics via routing, controllers, models, views, and so forth. To reduce the pain, maybe it's a good approach to serve AngularJS as a web client app with the backend remotely served up in somewhere else, while talking in and out via RESTful HTTP. The request is gonna be in JSON as well. We all love JSON simply because it's just like Python dictionary and easy to play with it.

Hopefully this library helps you a lot by not having to write User Authentication REST APIs by yourself. You can add additional REST APIs if you need more. That would save more keystrokes and coding. We're very excited about this open source project - please go check out our GitHub repo and let us know if you have any questions!


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