Sidebar's Most Awesome Links Of July 2016

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Sidebar’s Most Awesome Links Of July 2016

Counting down the most clicked links

August is almost over, and you know what that means: time for a round-upSidebar’s most popular links of July, because I completely forgot about this and now I’m running late!

10. Hover is dead. Long live hover.

There are few better ways of attracting attention than proclaiming something dead. Whether it’s God, or like in this article by Jordan Staniscia, hover, you’re sure to generate strong reactions.

9. Netflix Flixtape

Netflix used animated typography to great effect on their latest mini-site.

8. Buttons in UI Design: The Evolution of Style and Best Practices

Medium’s most prolific design writer Nick Babich is back with a solid piece on the principles and evolution of button design.

7. Designing a styleguide: elements that go into building compelling products

Over the past couple years, style guides have gone from nice-to-have to must-have even for smaller projects. This piece by Jonathan Z. White gives a nice overview of what should go into one.

6. Bootstrap 4: A Visual Guide to What’s New

Bootstrap remains the most popular UI framework out there, and it’s great to see that it’s still evolving. This article by Carol Skelly gives a nice overview of all the major changes in the upcoming Bootstrap 4.

5. Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Mobile Design

For better or for worse, mobile design has been undergoing a shift lately, with many apps adopting the same all-white, minimalistic aesthetic. Michael Horton gives this new trend a good hard look.

4. Palettable: Generate color palettes using the knowledge of millions of designers

Alec Ortega’s Palettable looks like what you’d get if you crossed Tinder with a color palette tool. Look at colors, and then pick the ones you like to assemble the perfect palette.

3. 5 Actual Web Designs Trends for 2016

What’s better than a trends article? Nils Sköld’s answer: an article about actual trends, complete with real-world examples to support his theories.

2. Design Better Forms

Andrew Coyle pens the ultimate guide to not screwing up your forms. Now that this is out there, you won’t have any excuses anymore!

And this month’s most popular link is…

1. Here are some of the ways I’ve fucked up as a designer.

We all make mistakes, but Nina Geometrieva has the guts to own up to hers. And this must have really resonated with Sidebar readers, because her tell-all piece was July’s most popular link!

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