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ChroMATERIAL is a color scheme that expresses the chromatic nature of Material Design within JetBrain IDEs and Android Studio. In particular, ChroMATERIAL focuses on syntax highlighting of code within the IDE's code editor.

It's uniqueness lies in the idea...

Enhance influence, not banality

Notethese images contain code from Google's Android Vision API barcode sample app.


Type Supported
IDEs Android Studio IntelliJ IDEA RubyMine WebStorm PhpStorm PyCharm AppCode CLion DataGrip

ChroMATERIAL supports Text Editor changes only.

ChroMATERIAL + Material Theme will modify the whole IDE!

Languages Java Android Groovy XML JSON HTML C / C++

Pull Requests are welcome.

Others Android Manifest Android Resources Gradle Logcat Proguard Files Property Files Debugger Diff Ignore Files

Pull Requests are welcome.


Find Plugin

  1. Open IDE and locate File >> Settings >> Plugins and click Browse Repositories...
  2. Search for and click ChroMATERIAL and click Install plugin

Use Color Scheme

  1. Locate File >> Settings >> Editor >> Colors & Fonts >> Scheme
  2. Choose ChroMATERIAL and click Apply / OK .


  • Modify the font type to your preference
  • Modify the syntax highlighting further to fit your particular tastes.


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