Configuring Remote Management and Monitoring on a Cassandra Node With JConsole

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Want to get remote management up and running? It's easy. Just follow along.

In your set:


If you want username and password security, keep the default setting for JMX remote authenticate as true. Otherwise, set it to false:

Note: If set to true, enter a username and password for the JMX user in the jmxremote.password.file . Follow the instructions here on how to secure that file. Setting jmxremote.authenticate to true also requires you to pass in the username and password when running a nodetool command, e.g. nodetool status -u cassandra -pw cassandra

Restart the server (if needed).

Connecting to the Node Using JConsole for Monitoring

Find the JConsole jar in your JDK_HOME/bin or JDK_HOME/lib directory. If you don’t have the Java JDK installed, it can be downloaded from the Oracle Website .

Double-click the executable jar to run it (or run it from the command line). Select “Remote Process” and enter the following connection string.

service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://<target ip address>:7199/jmxrmi

Replace <target ip address> with the address of the machine you intend to manage or monitor.

Note:JConsole may try (and fail) to connect using SSL first. If it does, it will ask if it can connect over a non-encrypted connection. You should answer this prompt in the affirmative and you are good.

Congrats! You now have everything you need to monitor and manage a Cassandra node.

For help with how to monitor Cassandra using JMX and with interpreting the metrics see:


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