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Collective #307

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React Move * Pink Trombone * Better Git configuration * Super Tiny Social Icons * CSS Grid Cheat Sheet * Pure CSS crossword

Learning AI if You Suck at Math

Daniel Jeffries' seventh part of a very insightful series of articles on learning AI. This one is about the "Magic of Natural Language Processing".

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FullStory Click Maps: Heat Maps Of The Future

Forget trying to make sense of splotchy Heat Maps — FullStory Click Maps show exactly where users click and how they interact with your pages.

Use them now!

Welcome home to the new Google Earth

Read all about the impressive new Google Earth.

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JavaScript: What excites me in 2017

Phil Holden shares what excites him about JavaScript in 2017.

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From the Internet Archives: The ancient design of your favorite websites

The A to Z of famous landing pages from quite a while ago. By Leszek Zawadzki.

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Pink Trombone

Talk or sing with your fingers using this interactive articulatory speech synthesizer. Best tried on a multi-touch device. Made by Neil Thapen.

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Tiny Care Terminal

A little dashboard that tells you cute things while you are using the terminal. By Monica Dinculescu.

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Super Tiny Social Icons

Minuscule SVG versions of social media icons. By Terence Eden.

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Pure CSS crossword - CSS Grid

Adrian Roworth shows the power of CSS Grid by creating this fun pure CSS crossword puzzle.

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Control User Cursor

An interesting experiment to alter default cursor behavior. By Javier Bórquez.

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Tunnel animation (Part 2)

Louis Hoebregts' second tutorial on how to build tunnel animations with Three.js.

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Design Sprint Kit

A design sprint is a five-phase framework that helps answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing. By Google.

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Why we're dropping Google Ads

A noteworthy statement of why the online magazine GroundUp stopped using Google Ads.

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JavaScript: Learn Regular Expressions for Beginners

Learn RegEx or freshen up your knowledge with this helpful tutorial by Brandon Morelli.

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React Move

React Move allows to animate elements easily and it comes with lots of useful features.

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Free Font: Gorgeous

An elegant, free typeface coming in 12 styles.

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With Yak you can create a blog from your posts in Dropbox Paper.

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In the light of Facebook's latest revelations: A JavaScript library that lets you add stories EVERYWHERE! By Ramon Souza.

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CSS Grid Cheat Sheet

Another helpful tool for using CSS Grid properties. By Ali Alaa.

Better Git configuration

Scott Nonnenberg shows how to configure Git in an optimal way.

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React Native Performance — An Updated Example

Tal Kol updates his example he used to illustrate React Native's performance and shows some exciting new API.

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Ponzu is an open-source HTTP server framework and CMS written in Go. It provides automatic, free, and secure HTTP/2 over TLS.

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