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Last week I wanted to finally automate some deployment tasks and therefore started to dig a bit into SaltStack . I’ve heard tons of good stuff about it and so I started making my way through its tutorial . I have to say, this is one of the best introductory documentations I’ve read in a while! Big thanks to anyone who has contributed to it over the years.

Topics as complex as server orchestration and provisioning greatly benefits from offering some way of having a playground to really learn things while doing them. The approach taken by SaltStack is to use a Vagrant environment starting up a master and two minion servers. Simply great and I’m now even using that same environment while creating my first formulas :blush:

If you’re looking for more, you might also enjoy Vault ’s interactive tutorial which gives you a quick crash course to the secret-store with a web-based shell!

If you know of more such interactive courses, please let me know!

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