Krita 3.1.3 Minor Update of the Open-Source Digital Painting App Is Now in Beta

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The development of the Krita 3.1.3 minor update of the open-source and cross-platform digital painting tool is coming along nicely, and a first Beta build is now ready for public testing.

Since last week's Alpha release, Krita 3.1.3 received quite a lot of attention, as the development team managed to add various improvements to saving of PNG files, which is now much faster due to the fact that the default PNG compression was set to 3 instead of 9, with the end result having the same size.

Furthermore, the digital painting app will now use the name of the filter from the Filter dialog when creating a filter mask instead of "effect," makes sure that the startup dialogs are no longer covered by Krita's splash screen, and uses native color selector on macOS, as the custom color selector can't pick screen colors on this platform.

"Krita 3.1.3 will be a stable bugfix release, 4.0 will have the vector work and the python scripting. The final release of 3.1.3 is planned for end of April. We’re still working on fixing more bugs for the final 3.1.3 release, so please test these builds," reads the release announcement .

Krita 3.1.3 should land at the end of April

The list of changes implemented in the Krita 3.1.3 minor update continues with improvements to the way guides are being dragged with a tablet. It also looks like this will be the first release of Krita to display the credits for the 2016 Kickstarter backers on the About Krita dialog.

As expected, several crashes, warning, and race conditions were addressed, and you'll find detailed information about these new bug fixes in the changelog attached below for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, you can download Krita 3.1.3 Beta for GNU/Linux , macOS , and Microsoft Windows right now from our website.

Please try to keep in mind that this is a pre-release version, not suitable for installation in production environments. Krita 3.1.3 should be officially release in its final, production-ready state at the end of the month. Until then, don't forget to report bugs if you encounter any when testing this Beta release.