VMware Notes From the Field – Hybrid or All Flash VSAN?

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Over the last several months I have been involved in a few customer meetings where the customer has been looking to migrate or move away from a “traditional” storage architecture/array and the subject of Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) seems to come up. Usually the topic covers “one of the big three” in the HCI space, be it Nutanix (XC for us Dell partners), Simplivity, or VMware’s VSAN product.  Recently though I have come across two projects where the customer initial started out looking at VMware VSAN in its Hybrid configuration (SSD for cache/buffer and magnetic disk for capacity) but then switched over to (or at least the conversation) of looking at the All Flash version and its corresponding data reduction technologies in VSAN 6.2 (Deduplication/Compression/Erasure Coding).

For these two scenarios (actual customer scenarios), I was interested in seeing if going All Flash could pretty much be the “standard” deployment model based on VSAN 6.2 enhancements or if cost could be still be a limiting factor. For the pricing models that follow, I used list pricing for both VMware and Dell for the software and hardware. I would not expect one to pay these prices on the street, they were used strictly for a cost comparison.

For this project this was one of my first experience with working with/sizing an All-Flash VSAN configuration. When I originally met with the customer we were already going down the road of VSAN and the features/benefits it brought to the table for their environment. During the conversation we discussed potentially going down the All Flash route as VSAN 6.2 had recently been released. I wasn’t sure of the pricing, but figured if I was quoting/building a Hybrid configuration the level of effort of putting together an AF configuration as well wasn’t much higher.

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