Should I use Node.js or io.js? And which version?

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If you’ve been following the goings on in the Node community the last few months, you know that a while back some contributors forked the Node code base to work on a project called io.js to maintain technical momentum while the original Node was moving into a foundation.

As progress was being made toward launching the Node Foundation, the two projects voted to merge .

Progress on Node.js and io.js governance

We’re expecting the official launch of the Foundation this month following the official timeline governing both Node.js and io.js.

We can already see progress both administratively and technically. For example:

What does StrongLoop recommend as the “Latest” Node and which Node should you use?

If you want assured stability, use v0.10 and know that it will continue to get patches for at least a year.

Node.js v0.12 is the current stable release.  If you are starting a new project, we recommend you use V0.12 for the following reasons:

  • Most modules in the ecosystem work with v0.12, so the upgrade path from v0.10 is easy
  • There are lots of new features in v0.12 to take advantage of. Read about themhere.
  • Node.js and io.js are currently in the process of being merged into a convergence branch targeting a release in the Fall which will produce the next stable release.
  • There will be designated long term stable (LTS) releases. Details, such as for how long the LTS version will be supported, are currently being discussed

io.js is the “innovation” branch.  If you’re interested in the latest features and can live with a little less testing, use io.js for the following reasons:

  • io.js will release frequently, targeting about every six weeks to match V8 updates
  • There is a rapid pace of bug fixes and changes
  • In the last few releases it has actually been a feature release every 3 weeks and a patch release about once a week
  • Some of the interesting features that are in io.js or being worked on include:
  • Most features from io.js are expected to make their way into Node.js eventually, especially as the convergence progresses.

We look forward to more news from the Node Foundation this month concerning both the technical and governance convergence.


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