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Our cities are amazing. They encompass both striking modernity, and yet are combined with tradition and rejuvenation. Massively scaled infrastructure and huge traffic thoroughfares can mingle with narrow streets, specialised, esoteric markets and small, fascinating shops.    Increasingly – the software in our data centres resembles the complexity of our cities. In fact, they are merging. Each provides us with the hardware and software for the data and applications we’d be lost without.

The City of Dundee and the latest release of XenServer (which shares the same project name “ Dundee” ) can be thought of in similar ways. The Scottish City has a long history an exciting present and is building a strong future. Originally serving the markets of the industrial revolution, it rightly encapsulates itself in the phrase “ One City, many Discoveries” by reinventing and rebuilding itself as a modern biomedical science centre and digital-arts powerhouse.

The XenServer 7.0 creation story is also a long one – starting by serving the markets of another revolution – that of server virtualisation. By progressively reinventing and rebuilding itself as a software platform for desktop, network and now the very kind of graphics virtualisation that Cities like Dundee depend on every day – XenServer the product and Dundee the City offer fascinating parallels.

Now that the XenServer Dundee release has been out in the world for a few weeks, it’s good to take the time to look also at the other Discoveries users are able to explore and find, once they get behind the main thoroughfares and headline features of this release.

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