Awesome BDD Presentation by Cucumber Creator Aslak Hellesoy - 2014 NYC CukeUp

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  • "DDD is about focusing on the domain and let it affect the software very much." - Jimmy Nilson
    This happens by having conversations.
  • Tho goal/output of BDD is a  domain model,  and the goal/output of BDD is  examples.
  • Concrete Examples help expose misunderstandings.
  • Think of Gherkin as "english with some constraints".
  • BDD is an evolution of TDD where the tests are sentences that are rooted in the domain and help us grow the ubiquitous language.
  • In traditional TDD, it's hard to know where to start. BDD gives you a starting point (the conversation and Gherkin statements that result from it).
  • Don't write Cucumber tests about UI interaction  because then it loses the description of the domain. 
  • Regression tests are particularly important when the domain changes.
  • DDD on testing- test context boundaries, layers, use CI.
  • "The one where" to help get the right abstraction in your examples.
  • You don't need to keep testing mundane things.
  • Estimating Complexity and cynefin.
  • Examples as not  specifications,  but as  discovery.
  • Try to think of additional outcomes that might happen (when trying to come up with Gherkin features / scenarios).
  • Turn Unknown unkowns into known unknowns (and eventually knowns!).
  • Examples  illustrate  user stories.
  • Three levels of conversation:
    • basic- having a conversation
    • little more advanced- write down that conversation
    • ultimate- create Gherkin scenarios tied to low level step definitions

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