Kumasi Hive is Crowdfunding $14,600 to support hardware innovators in Ghana

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Ghana’s Kumasi Hive , a hardware maker-space and innovation hub supporting makers and entrepreneurs in the country has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to support entrepreneurs to quickly prototype their ideas and develop products that can be brought to market.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funds to support the innovators and entrepreneurs who have great ideas, but need support to bring these ideas to life and make them self-sufficient businesses.

According to Kumasi Hive co-founder Anna Lowe, “Like any developing country, Ghana has its share of challenges, but it also has talented people, who have the skills to do something about those challenges. We want more Ghanaians to have access to the tools and resources to develop their own solutions.”

Lowe adds that the Hive has a unique tech hardware focus which, if it’s given the chance to grow, could be rolled out across the rest of Ghana and even other African countries. The Hive therefore aims to provide support to talented entrepreneurs who need tools and design space to bring their ideas from product to market.

If it hits its crowdfunding target of £10,000 ($14,600) , Kumasi Hive aims to expand its collection of workshop equipment, in particular with a laser cutter for prototyping, grow the Hive from 8 to 16 startups, and give seed funding to one innovative idea.

So far Kumasi Hive says it has supported a number of exciting and successful ideas to come to life. They have helped develop a drone for vaccine delivery in rural areas, a portable science lab in a box, a condom vending machine, and are working on several projects to do with electronic waste.

Make your pledge before June 2nd 2016.


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