Why We Got Involved with OpenStack Days East

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It’s a big undertaking, let me tell you, and takes months of advance work to make happen. But it is happening and the event is coming together nicely with great participation by many, many sponsoring companies and more than 50 speakers. Those include Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation, and our featured guest speaker, Donna Scott, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, who will keynote the event.

From our first thoughts about putting this together, we wanted this event to stand out by showing what is possible using OpenStack today. Our intent is to put together people interested and wanting to learn more about OpenStack with the pioneers and those who have been on the cutting-edge using OpenStack. In my view, the highlight of our program are the case studies we’ll hear from Bloomberg, Comcast, PayPal, EBSCO, NetApp and Walmart talking about their OpenStack deployments.

It was a bold move by our company and our management to invest in this event – in time and money. So why did we do it? We couldn’t help ourselves, I suppose. Everyone in our company and all of our time is wrapped up in OpenStack, and especially Trove Database as a Service. We’ve met tons of people and made many friends since Tesora got involved with OpenStack in early 2014. We wondered why there wasn’t an event like this on the east coast. For us, this is kind of an open house where we’re inviting everyone that shares this common interest in OpenStack.

Early on, we discovered that our enthusiasm was matched by every company that we talked with about the event – and they were willing to invest their time and money, too. So, here we are with one week to go. I like to think all the hard advance work is behind us and am really looking forward to seeing it all come together starting on August 23. I hope you’ll come join us. I promise that like every OpenStack event, it will be educational, fun and friendly.


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