Microsoft: IaaS isn’t your only path to outsized gains

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Sure, moving your applications to the cloud and adopting more agile DevOps methods will save you money and make your complex application deployments more efficient but if you want the really big gains, focus the majority of your developers back on coding. According to Forrester Consulting, the gains from doing so are massive.

Yes, re-hosting or even building cloud-native apps in VMs and containers will give you big gains in agility and cost savings but asking your developers to manage configurations, update the OS and middleware and pick the right virtual resources to support their apps (let alone manage the security of their deployments) is a distraction that cuts into their productivity.

The modern cloud era is not IaaS-centric but modern app-centric. By taking advantage of the market-leading portfolio of Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services and our partner PaaS platforms including Cloud Foundry, EngineYard and more, innovative applications can be built and deployed faster, scale automatically and easily connect to and incorporate the many powerful Azure services including search, big data, machine learning, advanced analytics and IoT.

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