Docker: how to update docker in coreos

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I typed docker version into a newly provisioned coreos instant on ec2 and I got this message

Client version: 0.6.3

Go version ( client ) : go1.1.2

Git commit ( client ) : b0a49a3

Server version: 0.6.3

Git commit ( server ) : b0a49a3

Go version ( server ) : go1.1.2

Last stable version: 0.7.3, please update docker

how do I update docker?


CoreOS and the tools it ships are updated automatically as new versions come out.

The CoreOS version on the EC2 marketplace is always a few versions behind, but if you wait a few minutes after booting a machine it should execute an auto-update and then be up to date.

If you want to manually run a new docker binary before it is updated in CoreOS, you can download the binary and run a local docker unit file:



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