Twitter Debuts New Real-Time Analytics System

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Twitter is introducing a new tool to provide real-time analytics for the micro-blogging site’s feed.

Dubbed Heron , it will work hand-in-hand with Storm, Twitter’s main system for such analysis. Heron, however, will enable the social network to process billions of events per minute with sub-second latency, making it as much as 15-times faster than Storm.

In failure scenarios, meanwhile, Heron has high data accuracy and the ability to handle temporary traffic spikes and pipeline congestions while also being easy to debug and simple to deploy in a shared infrastructure.

“When developing Heron, our main goals were to increase performance predictability, improve developer productivity and ease manageability,” Twitter said in a blog post.

“At Twitter, Heron is used as our primary streaming system, running hundreds of development and production topologies. Since Heron is efficient in terms of resource usage, after migrating all Twitter’s topologies to it we’ve seen an overall three times reduction in hardware, causing a significant improvement in our infrastructure efficiency.”

For a full, technical explanation of how Heron works, head on over to the Twitter blog.


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