Recap: Design Patterns for Scalable Test Automation

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for our recent webinar, “ Design Patterns for Scalable Test Automation Using Selenium and WebdriverIO” , featuring Continuous Delivery and Quality Architect Sahas Subramanian.

In this webinar, Sahas gave an explanation and showed examples of design patterns that can help you build stable and scalable automated tests using Selenium, WebdriverIO and Sauce Labs. The presentation also covered:

  • Rationalized automation – when to use WebDriver and browser-based automation technique
  • Patterns & practices
  • Test, Page Object, UIMap and their respective roles
  • Dealing with asynchronous behavior without using thread.sleep
  • Sharing UI map, Page Objects, and how to avoid redundant code

To learn more about WebdriverIO, check out this recent blog post from Sahas, “ Accelerate Multi-browser Testing Using Sauce Labs and “, as well as thisin-depth post that complements the Design Patterns webinar.

Access the recording HERE and view the slides below: 


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