What is App-V and How Does it Work?

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Microsoft App-V, the App-V being shorthand for “Application Virtualization,” is a component of the desktop and server operating systems that provides separation and isolation capabilities for applications running on the operating system. App-V also serves as a centralized delivery system for these virtualized applications that utilizes streaming technology to optimize delivery speed.

What is a Virtualized Application?

When an application is virtualized, the essence of the application has been previously captured and is dynamically instantiated on target machines where and when it is needed.

These virtual applications are the same applications that you might install on an operating system today, but thanks to the virtualization, installation and configuration is no longer needed.

We describe app virtualization as implementing a deep set of file and registry redirections (as well as other special OS spoofing techniques). But we can also view app virtualization as a layering technology. But unlike the boot or session based layering solutions, the layering is application based.

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