Agile Product Owner: Agile HR with SAFe 4.0: A New Whitepaper and Guidance Article

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Hi Folks,

Many talk about how HR/People Operations is different with Agile, but few have opined on specifically HOW it’s different, and what specific practices need to evolve to replace traditional performance reviews and the like. Well, we are rarely hesitant to opine on any matter material to Lean-Agile Development at enterprise scale (for exampleLean-Agile Budgeting has been really interesting), so you can now add Agile HR to the list!

Over the last six or so, I’ve been working with Agile HR expert Fabiola Eyholzer, to come to terms with some specific recommendations for how HR can evolve in the context of SAFe. The result is a new Guidance article and downloadable white paper which you can find here.

Agile HR with SAFe: Bringing Lean-Agile People Operations into the 21st Century.

Here’s an abstract/teaser:


Lean-Agile development with SAFe reinvents the way we develop systems and helps build an engaged, talented, and vigorous workforce. But it also highlights the disconnect of traditional practices with the realities of 21st Century people and organizations. In order to remain competitive, enterprises across all industries must transform their business activities to leverage the digital age.

While Lean-Agile development can actively address critical aspects of Human Resources (HR) like engagement and performance; it also highlights the disconnect of traditional HR in a Lean-Agile world. It compels enterprises to embrace “Lean-Agile People Operations” as the 21 st Century People approach.

In this whitepaper, we describe the six basic themes that can guide Leaders and their HR Partners on how to address various aspects of more contemporary Lean-Agile People solutions:

#1        Embrace the New Talent Contract

#2        Foster Continuous Engagement

#3        Hire for Attitude and Cultural Fit

#4        Move to Iterative Performance Flow

#5        Take the Issue of Money off the Table

#6        Support Impactful Learning & Growth


No matter where you are in your transformation journey, the time is right to embrace Lean-Agile People Operations and become equipped to deal with the challenges of today’s organizations and people. If you are interested in learning more about how to align your HR themes with the mindset and flow of your SAFe Lean-Agile enterprise, download and read the full whitepaper!


Dean, Fabiola, and the SAFe framework team.


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