Go Newsletter Issue #122

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Building Webapps and Microservices Using Gin  tutorial 

A thorough step by step tutorial for getting familiar with Gin, a Go framework that will help you reduce boilerplate code and build a request handling pipeline.

Kulshekhar Kabra

A Walkthrough of Go's 'bytes' and 'strings' Packages  tutorial 

Byte slices and strings are fundamental primitives in most Go programs - what’s the difference and what do these packages have to offer for everyday coding?

Ben Johnson

Go 1.7 Release Candidate 6 Released  news 

The final release of 1.7 has been pushed back to next Monday (August 15).

Chris Broadfoot

RAM increased across all plans. Now get 2GB of RAM for only $10/mo.

Linode offers a simple, easy and powerful platform to host your next project. Now you can get 2GB of RAM for only $10/mo. Want to get started? Use promo code 'GO20' for $20 credit on a new account.

Linode   sponsored 

Building a Simple CLI Tool with Go  tutorial 

A simple tutorial on building command-line tools by only using Go’s standard libraries.

James Golin

Go Standard Package Layout  opinion 

Addressing one of the biggest technical problems in the Go community, Ben Johnson says “we need a better standard for Go application design” and makes some suggestions here.

Ben Johnson

Staticfiles: Embed a Directory of Files in Your Go Binary  code 

Provides functions to open the embedded files from within your code or serve them over HTTP.

Bouke van der Bijl

Checkup: A Distributed, Self-Hosted Health Checker  code 

Sourcegraph sponsored Matt Holt, creator of Caddy , to build a tool for doing server health checks in a developer-friendly way. It’s written in Go. GitHub.



We’re building a bank with microservices (Backend Engineer, London, UK)

Come and help us! We’d love to chat to creative engineers who are intrigued by the idea of building a bank from scratch in Go. We're a small, friendly team, and we can help you relocate to London.


Stop Applying to Jobs - Let Companies Come To You

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In Brief

Blocks in Go  tutorial 

Michał Łowicki

Building a Binary Search Tree in Go  tutorial 

Applied Go

Vendoring Dependencies in Go  opinion 

Aaron Taylor

My GopherCon Experience  story 

A nice writeup.

Ivan Daniluk

Get real-time visibility into your Go apps  tools 

Instrument your app in minutes with expvar or Datadog's Go client. Graph, alert, share metrics with your team.

Datadog   sponsored 

DB v2: A Data Access Layer for Go  code 

“It’s not an ORM, just a productive data access layer for Go.”


go-poet: A Go Package for Generating .go Source Files  code 

Rather than use text templating, it provides an API to generate Go constructs in a typesafe, programmatic way.

Dave Polansky

Native Continuous Delivery for Docker and Go  tools 

The fastest CI/CD service, used by developers at Intel and 500px to test and deploy their apps with confidence. Start your 30-day free trial today.

Semaphore   sponsored 


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