FreeBSD 11.0 Has Been Pushed Back By One Week

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FreeBSD 11.0 Has Been Pushed Back By One Week

Written by Michael Larabel inBSD on 5 August 2016 at 10:11 AM EDT.Add A Comment

FreeBSD 11.0 has seen a very minor set-back in getting its release out the door.

Due to a problem surrounding ZFS and VFS in 11.0 , developers have decided to tack on an extra beta release and delay the branching and release candidates for FreeBSD 11.0.

The updated schedule has FreeBSD 11.0 Beta 4 coming this weekend and then the first release candidate will happen in one week.

With getting pushed back by the extra development release, the FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE is now expected on 9 September. Details via this mailing list post .

A one week delay though isn't bad at all considering the many features of FreeBSD 11... Coming for this next release is improved NUMA support, LLVM Clang 3.8 as the default compiler, networking improvements, much better ARM support, Bhyve virtualization improvements, and a whole lot more .

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