10 years of research

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This December, it’s been 10 years since I started working on Gaia Ajax. At the time, I chose the name of Gaia Ajax because I wanted it to become “the mother of toolboxes for web development” . A year later, I wrote a business plan where I loosely defined it as a “Web Operating System” . Today, it is a few days away from being 10 years ago since I started this research.

Phosphorus Five is the culmination of this work. It contains nothing of the original code, but is a working implementation of the ideas. Significantly reducing the complexity of creating rich and complex web apps. During this time, technologies have come and go. Silverlight rose like a lion, and fell to the ground dead. Adobe Flex , once thought to be the Messiah of RIA, is now nothing more than a vague memory. Even .Net has been seriously challenged, and no longer holds the position it held, when I started out on this path. The world has changed, as I sat in my cave, researching and developing my ideas, in more or less complete isolation from the world.

People say that an image speaks more than 1.000 words. Instead of explaining what I have done, I want you to look at the above image, and realize that it’s a perfect description of Phosphorus Five; Playful, supportive, fixing the unfixable, and easily molded into your existing legacy code.

Hopefully, before this x-mas, my work will be in its first serious release since I started. 10 years of research, 10 years of development and discarding of ideas. 10 years of refining my code and architecture, driven in between the intersection of madness and brilliance.

Feel free to check it out if you like��