Front End Newsletter - Issue 23 - Jul 26th 2016

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First impressions of Elm

Esteban Manchado Velázquez decided that he would try out his next project in Elm. These are his first impressions of working with the language.  

Decode a List of Numbers From a JSON String in Elm

Decoding JSON strings in Elm is a 2-step process: 1. Create a "recipe" for the decoding 2. Perform the decoding This lesson gives a couple basic examples of the two steps in action.


Using Ember Data with JSON from Reddit

Ember Data is a flexible library that helps manage your model data. Unfortunately their are certain conventions that it expects. However, Erik Hanchett shows us how we can easily override those conventions with a number of methods that Ember gives us.  

Glimmer 2 Deep Dive with Yehuda Katz

Glimmer 2 is the new rendering engine for Ember.js. It includes a runtime compiler which produces opcodes which execute on a custom VM built in TypeScript.


Untangling spaghetti logs

Thinking out aloud, I’d like to have an easy-to-use library that would let me filter logs by relevance or source, attach objects, group them hierarchically in stories, persist them, relay them to a separate process for trend analysis… The icing on the cake? I’d love to see what’s happening at the client and the server in a single place. That now exists: Storyboard 2.

Why choose ES2015 modules

In this article, we will see why it is important to migrate right now to the ES2015 modules for the whole community.

Why object literals in JavaScript are cool

Before ECMAScript 2015 object literals (also named object initializers) in JavaScript were quite elementary, but things are changing! Dmitri Pavlutin is showing us how new changes to the JS language are benefiting us in interesting ways.  


React Reformed

Tiny form bindings for React so you can stop storing your form data in local component state. This higher-order component wraps your component and, through props, injects form data (a model) and simple bindings to update that model, giving you the opportunity to utilize composition in a middleware-like approach to accomplish more advanced functionality without bloating the form component itself.

Create Apps with No Configuration

Create React App is a new tool developed by the Facebook open source team. It's a CLI tool which makes creating new ReactJS applications. Drawing a lot of inspiration from the Ember CLI, this tools is pretty freaking sweet if I do say so myself.

Introducing React Monocle

React Monocle is a developer tool for generating visual representations of your React app's component hierarchy.


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