Issue 71: The latest Web operations, scaling, and performance news

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Falco: An Open Source, Behavioral Security Monitoring Tool

A behavioral activity monitoring agent that comes with native support for containers. Its creators say it’s a “mix between snort, ossec and strace.”

Henri Dubois-Ferriere

The Hidden Dividends of Microservices

Tom Killalea looks at 8 benefits of microservices you need to be reaping, otherwise you might as well not bother with them.


NGINX’s Amplify Monitoring Tool Now in Public Beta

Amplify provides an interface to analyze your NGINX-based app’s performance and security in a more direct way.


Announcing the Docker for Mac and Windows Public Beta

Docker for Mac and Windows is now public, along with a new 1.12 release candidate.

Mano Marks

Ops Solutions for Rails Apps

Our custom-made Operations as a Service platform for Rails apps allows scheduled and automatic scaling of your production and staging environments so you don't pay for servers you don't need. Get OpsCare® and save.

Reinteractive   sponsored 

The Image Optimization Technology That Serves Millions of Requests Per Day

A look at the tools and technology behind the Kraken image optimization platform.

High Scalability

Unikernels Will Create More Security Problems Than They Solve

A very opinionated piece on “the most recent overhyped technology in search of a problem to solve.” Ouch.

Randy Bias

An Update on Let's Encrypt's Progress Towards 100% HTTPS

Let’s Encrypt has issued more than 5 million free certificates covering more than 7 million domains since its general launch in December.

Let's Encrypt

A Look at Serverless Architectures

Serverless architectures replace individually-managed servers with a collection of third party services and FaaS (Functions as a Service).

Mike Roberts

No WebSockets Over HTTP/2

“There is no websockets for HTTP/2. By this, I mean that there’s no way to negotiate or upgrade a connection to websockets over HTTP/2 like there is for HTTP/1.1”

Daniel Stenberg


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