Meet MySQL Support at Oracle OpenWorld 2016

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It is soon time for the annualOracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. This year it takes place from 18 to 22 September. There will be a wide range of talks about MySQL and other Oracle products with speakers including Oracle developers, product management, Support, customers, and community members. So there should be something for everyone.

MySQL Support will have two talks this year:






Monday 11:00am - 01:00pm TUT1718 MySQL DBA Primer Park Central—Stanford Lig Isler-turmelle
Tuesday 12:15pm - 01:00pm CON6194 MySQL Performance Tuning 101 Park Central—City Jesper Wisborg Krogh

MySQL DBA Primer

In the two hours tutorial session, Lig will help you get up to speed on MySQL including topics such as installation, architecture, security fundamentals, backups, monitoring, etc. From the Session Catalog:

GREAT! You've just been told that a new MySQL system needs to be installed. You already administer several database systems. You are the lucky one who gets to install MySQL and then deal with the inevitable problems the new system may have. The problem is not that you don't understand databases, the problem is that you need to understand MySQL and you need to understand it now. In this session, DBAs can learn what they need to know to manage and maintain a MySQL system. Topics covered include installation of the MySQL server, its basic architecture, security fundamentals for the system, handling backups, monitoring the system, and more

MySQL Performance Tuning 101

This 45 minute conference session will provide a starting point and best practices for MySQL performance tuning. Attending this talk will provide a good starting point for the more detailed performance session later in the conference. From the Session Catalog:

It is easy to get started with MySQL, but you may still need to do some tuning to get the required performance. This session provides an introduction to MySQL performance tuning by looking at best practices, the most important configuration options, examples of query tuning, monitoring, and more. There are also examples of finding the queries most in need of optimization using performance reports in MySQL Workbench or through the sys schema. Attend this talk if you want some primers on tuning your MySQL database.

Support Stars Bar

Additionally we will be present at theSupport Stars Bar together with the Oracle Linux Support team. In addition to meeting the support engineers, it will possible to attend 10 minute mini-briefings throughout the day.

The Support Stars Bar will be located in Moscone West Exhibition Hall, Booth 3451.

Come and visit us.


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