io.js 2.3.0 发布,服务器 JS 引擎

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6月14日上海 OSC 源创会开始报名,送机械键盘和开源无码内裤

io.js 2.3.0 发布,值得关注的改进:

  • libuv: Upgraded to 1.6.0 and 1.6.1, see full ChangeLog for details. (Saúl Ibarra Corretgé) #1905 #1889 . Highlights include:

    • Fix TTY becoming blocked on OS X

    • Fix UDP send callbacks to not to be synchronous

    • Add uv_os_homedir() (exposed as os.homedir() , see below)

  • npm: See full release notes for details. (Kat Marchán) #1899 . Highlight:

    • Use GIT_SSH_COMMAND (available as of Git 2.3)

  • openssl:

    • Upgrade to 1.0.2b and 1.0.2c, introduces DHE man-in-the-middle protection (Logjam) and fixes malformed ECParameters causing infinite loop (CVE-2015-1788). See the security advisory for full details. (Shigeki Ohtsu) #1950 #1958

    • Support FIPS mode of OpenSSL, see README for instructions. (Fedor Indutny) #1890

  • os: Add os.homedir() method. (Colin Ihrig) #1791

  • smalloc: Deprecate whole module. (Vladimir Kurchatkin) #1822

  • Add new collaborators:



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