The first week is over!

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I’ve finished my first week as an Outreachy intern yesterday. Cinder is getting most interesting every time. Installing Devstack for Cinder and Ceph is a bit tricky. It took me long time to have my env working,but it’s done by now (I have to blog about it).

I’m learning about all Cinder and Ceph stuff (I have to blog about it, too). I’m creating volumes, pools and snapshots. I have some questions about rbd and RADOS, but i’m working on it. Tomorrow I have a call with my mentor, Jon, so lucky me.

To refrest some python ideas i downloaded ‘learn python’ app from my android. It’s a funny way to review concepts when i’m on the bus or in my place.

I’m a happy LinuxChix Argentina member since this year.This month we participated in FliSoL Buenos Aires! It was my first public contribution with LinuxChix and I have to work in my public speech hahah, but It was great!

Micabot gave a Introduction to Bash workshop! Saddely, I couldn’t attend I had an exam at workshop’s time.

You can join us or/and talk to us at IRC on Freenode in #LinuxChixAr channel. We talk about geek stuff. We also meet twice a week and drink beers.

Finally, I hope to post soon.

Bye Bye

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