Bidgely Interview experience | Set 2 ( Software Engineer)

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Aptitude and Coding Round

This round consisted of 12 questions including 10 general aptitude and 2 coding questions. Theaptitude part comprised of questions on speed, distance & time, permutation & combination, probability, and other general mathematical concepts. The 2 coding questions were based on digit sum of a number and decimal to to binary conversion of a string. The aptitude questions were multiple choice type with a marking of +2 and -1. I could solve 7 aptitude and 1 coding question after which i was selected for the interviews.

Interview Round 1

The interviews took place at Bidgely’s office which is located at the outer ring road near Bellandur. This round started off with the customary question: “ Tell me about yourself ? ”. I introduced myself to the interviewer and told him about the various academic projects i undertook.

  • He took specific interest in my DBMS project which I thoroughly explained to him using an E-R diagram.
  • Further, this round was mostly about data structures, specially trees.
  • I was asked few simple concepts such asDFS, BFS ,tree traversals and their respective pseudo codes.
  • There were questions on conversion for pre-order to post-order given the inorder, level order traversal of a tree using a queue.
  • The last question for the round was on the Dijkstra’s algorithm and its modification .

Interview Round 2

The level of difficulty of questions increased in this round.

  • The first question that the interviewer asked me was to divide a given array into 3 variable stacks and the generalize the code for ‘n’ stacks. I used n+1 arrays, one for keeping the track of empty places in the array (array coloring), and the rest ‘n’ for keeping a track for previous stack tops.
  • Next question was to store a tree in a database. Basically, i had to explain him the structure of the database table.

Interview Round 3

This was a short round with just one question: “ How do you find the number of unique users visiting a web page within a bracket of one hour ?”. I used queues to count the users and the concept of cookies to keep a track of uniqueness. After this, I was selected for the profile of Software Engineer.

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