JiuGongGe.swc - JiuGongGe UI for Flash AS3 Projects

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For using the JiuGongGe UI in your Flash/AS3 projects, here is the pre-compiled swc file:


An example FlashDevelop project:


To use "JiuGongGe.swc", first add the swc file to your project's library (path). Since the swc is built directly from original HaXe source code, there're two requirements:

1. Your main class must be a sub-class of " MovieClip " instead of " Sprite ".

2. Add the following code before using the " JGG " class:

Check the post http://bruce-lab.blogspot.com/2014/11/jiugongge-ui-simple-open-source-ui.html for how to using the UI library - most of the HaXe code in the post also works in Flash. Note that the function "Assets.getText()" and "Assets.getBitmapData() " are provided by OpenFL, so you may need to embed the assets in your AS3 code like the example Flash project.


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