IT/Dev Connections 2016 Speaker and Track Chair Highlight: Chander Dhall

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Part of an ongoing series, we're highlighting the excellent speakers we have handpicked to present phenomenal and extremely valuable content at the IT/Dev Connections conference . Want more? Get the Insider’s Scoop About IT/Dev Connections 2016 on September 8 !

This speaker highlight is Chander Dhall . Chander is also the Track Chair for the Developer and DevOps track.

Chander’s IT/Dev Connection sessions and workshop:

Recently, we asked Chander to give us a little information about himself. Here's what he shared:

ITDC:Give us a brief introduction to you.

Chander:Chander Dhall, Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET Insider, Web API Advisor.

ITDC:Describe the sessions you are presenting and why you feel the topic is important.

Chander: ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 have been released recently and I'm excited to present to you a full day hands-on workshop. ASP.NET Core is known to be 4 times faster than Node.js and Angular 2 is 40-50% faster than the previous version of Angularjs. 

Apart from that I will be doing a session each on ECMAScript and Best practices on JavaScript.

ITDC:What should attendees expect to be able to take away from your sessions?

Chander:Mostly best practices and real world experiences from consulting at top corporations in the world.

ITDC:What is your primary reason to be excited about IT/Dev Connections?

Chander:When I became the Developer Chair of IT/Dev Connections, I met one of the legends in the software industry, Dino Esposito. His comment to me was - "I have spoken at numerous conferences all over the world. This is the first conference I've found where I actually want to attend 4 sessions or more every day." So, I'm really excited about the power that has been allotted to me by the organizers of IT/Dev Connections to bring in top speakers from all over the world. Honestly, I personally learn a lot from the conference.

The networking part and the emphasis on getting speakers and attendees a lot of networking time has been great.

ITDC:What is the one key technology you believe is changing the technology industry right now?

Chander:JavaScript is that one technology where we are witnessing an amazing growth and I'm excited to share some real world successes on this topic.

ITDC:Assuming attendees want to know, what’s your favorite, non-technical hobby or pastime? What’s one thing that totally irks you.

Chander:I love teaching yoga, hiking and swimming. There's really nothing that totally irks me :).

IT/Dev Connectionsruns from October 10 – October 13 , at the ARIA Resort in Las Vegas. IT/Dev Connections has been designed specifically for IT, DevOps, and Developers. You can read all about what IT/Dev Connections offers you HERE .

And, there's still time to register!  Here's some important resources to check out:


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