Hive's smart thermostat gets IFTTT's recipe-based automation

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Like the other smart thermostats already on IFTTT , Hive's pre-built recipes include automated responses to the weather -- like "If the temperature outside drops below 5°C then boost my heating" -- and boost the hot water output if it detects you've finished a run on Strava. There's also a BMW-specific recipe that will turn on your heating when you're less than 30 minutes from home.

With 300 channels available, Hive can be linked to smart home appliances like Amazon's Echo (if you've managed to get one in the UK) or be set to turn off your Hue lights as soon as you leave the house. The official Hive app already has a few smart features baked in but IFTTT will let take another step towards truly automating your home.


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