JavaFX links of the week, August 22

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I know I sound like a broken record, but it is now only four weeks until JavaOne. I’m quietly panicking over here in New Zealand about how much more I have to get done, and how little time I have to get it done in! I hope you’re all more organised than I am feeling right now! ��

  • Adam Walczak has created and open sourced PDF Decorator , a JavaFX-based tool for adding watermarks and backgrounds to PDF files.
  • Tom Eugelink has posted about adding support for repeating appointments in the Agenda control that ships with JFXtras.
  • Gerrit Grunwald has posted yet another of his ‘ Friday Fun Components ‘.
  • Thomas Nield is writing a free ebook covering RxJavaFX and RxKotlinFX in detail .
  • Edvin Syse has posted a video demonstrating ‘ zero install JavaFX themes with TornadoFX ‘.
  • Peter Rogge has released Lib-Tile-Demo 0.1.0 . As he puts it, “t his project is a demonstration application to show the features from the project Lib-Tile with it’s included sublibraries”.
  • I have a final reminder for people attending JavaOne who are part of the Java desktop community – register now for the seventh annual Java Desktop Lunch, or you will miss out as numbers are limited and we are close to hitting the limit.
  • Jyloo Software has released SyntheticaFX 0.8.1 , which includes a number of new controls for JavaFX.

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