What’s new… Printing in Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp 7.9? A more in-depth look.

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While there have been some major announcements at Synergy, like the Microsoft / Citrix pact including Azure, Office 356, Windows 10 VDI and more, some huge improvements to MCS regarding I/O storage optimizations, including MCS provisioning for the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor, the Federated Authentication Service, which was also (very) well received, I’d like to focus on a few smaller enhancements. Though ‘small’ does not mean less important, au contraire – as the French would say.

As a side note – if you have read my book, or are planning to do so, then you probably know (or will find out) that I’m using my blog as an update mechanism for what’s missing in the book as a result of new XenDesktop and XenApp releases going forward, like version 7.9 last week. The enhancements around printing are a great example to start with, keeping it a work in progress!

Business critical

First off, I like printing. It’s not that I have implemented dozens of complicated print architectures, no, a couple, but far from many. I just like the technology and processes behind it. Especially since printing is being considered business critical at almost all customers I have visited.

While the reasons for this may vary, imagine this, and I’m sure you’ve seen it as well; a user receives an important e-mail, or perhaps he or she has come across an interesting white paper or other type of document, what will be one of the first things they’ll do? They will print it. Then they’ll read it, us it as a reference, make notes, they’ll take it home with them, save it on their desks and so on. Not everybody, but it sure does happen a lot. I know I do it.

Read the entire article here, What’s new… Printing in Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp 7.9? A more in-depth look.

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