Startups: Your Oracle PaaS4SaaS Cloud Pivot Enabler is Here By Ultan O’Broin

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Oracle Applications User Experience Senior Director Ultan O’Broin ( @ultan ) keeps his finger on the pulse of the startup scene in EMEA with an eye to enabling that community with the OAUX outreach machine. Here he talks about user experience (UX) enablement that's on offer to startups to accelerate their SaaS and PaaS opportunities.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Pivot

Pivoting : That realization that a permanent income is preferable to remaining just a fascination.

After over two decades of experience in the tech industry, half of it in the Valley, I still find it hard to predict what’s going to go down on any given day. Even if things go slightly pear-shaped , I rarely don’t have a #lovemyjob day. Having a sense of humor always helps . . . .

Dogpatch Labs tech co-working space, Dublin. As good a community of happening startups as anywhere in Silicon Valley (Image: Ultan O'Broin).

This is probably why HBO's Silicon Valley is favorite viewing of mine. I can relate to it: Not only does it resonate with my experience, it goes past the tech jargon and cuts close to the bone with those #ouch moments.

In the first season of Silicon Valley, there's the famous TechCrunch Disrupt scene where Pied Piper 's business development head Jared Dunn responds to a "life giving you lemons" moment by advising the crew that their startup needs to “pivot” and pitch their middle-out compression solution in a different direction. Pivoting is about being adaptable and finding a good fit with the market. Read the complete article here.

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