Performance Comparison Of VMs For High Performance Computing

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The Average I/O response Time is 0.29 Mili Seconds.

Click ( >) Average I/O Response Time (ms), shown in the snapshot, given below:

Like this, you can show all the parameters. Click Stop button and close IOMeter.

Likewise, you can select Read Write Random Operation in Access Specifications tab rather than the Default and compare D Series and A Series Machine Performance Differences.

Now IOMeter.EXE on A Series VM RDP File in Desktop iometer-1.1 Folder Run IT.

The snapshot, given below, shows 111.48 Mili Seconds Average I/O Response Time (ms).

From the above experiment, you can see a drastic difference in the performance between the A series machine and D series machine in Azure VM because D series VM, has SSD as a disk and the A series machine has HDD as a disk. Hence, we can see and compare performance, using IOMeter.


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