Speaking at MWLUG2016

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I am really honored and privileged that I can give a talk about websocket technology at MWLUG this year. In my talk I will focus on the paradigm shift that websocket brings to your XPage applications. Besides that websocket can transfer data really efficiently between the client and the server, in my opinion the biggest advantage of using websocket is the ability of the server to talk to the clients whenever it wants to. HTTP protocol does not let that happen. The client needs to request the data from the server. This simple difference can make your application much more efficient and provide a much better user experience for your clients.

If anybody has an example of application that he/she wants to  convert to using websocket technology, let me know in the comments and I will try to incorporate that into my talk.

I will also begin a series of blog posts about websocket technology for Xpages. I hope that these blog posts will help other developers embrace this technology.

See Y’all in Austin, TX.


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