converity - easily convert from one object to the next

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A simple conversion tool from one object type to the next


$ npm i convertify --save


// ES2015
import to from 'convertify';

// CommonJS
const to = require('convertify');

// script
const to = window.convertify;

Or you can bring in individual functions:

// in this case toString, which is the same as to.string

// ES2015
import {
} from 'convertify';

// CommonJS
const toString = require('convertify').toString;

// script
const toString = window.convertify.toString;


const someObject = {
  foo: 'bar'

// you can use the default method
const map = to('map', someObject); // Map {'foo' => 'bar'}

// or the convenience methods
const array = to.array(map); // ['bar']


Link here:API

to(convertTo: string, object: any)

The standard method accepts two parameters, the first being a string of the object class you wnat to convert the object to, and the second being the object itself. The valid object classes you can convert to:

  • array
  • boolean
  • date
  • error
  • function
  • generator
  • map
  • null
  • number
  • object
  • promise
  • regexp
  • set
  • string
  • symbol
  • undefined

These values are either the string value you pass in as the first parameter to to , or the shorthand method name for that specific conversion:

const stringifiedObject = to('string', object);

// is the same as

const alsoStringifiedObject = to.string(object);

The conversions themselves try to be smarter than the standard implicit conversions, so check out the API to learn more details about specific conversion results.


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