using Http on angularjs 2 unit tests

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I'm using this seed project: that was recently updated to RC5 of angular.

to use the Http component in unit test so I did the following:

In package.json I added to dependencies:

"@angular/http": "2.0.0-rc.5",

In src/test/user-service_test.ts I added:

import { HttpModule, Http } from '@angular/http';

and modified the beforeEach function to include HttpModule:

beforeEach(() => {


providers: [LoginService, UserService, HttpModule]



Now, as soon as I add the HttpModule in the beforeEach function and try to execute the test I got this error:

13 08 2016 09:13:27.609:WARN [web-server]: 404: /base/node_modules/@angular/http

Missing error handler on `socket`.

TypeError: (msg || "").replace is not a function

at /home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/karma/lib/reporter.js:45:23

at onBrowserError (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/karma/lib/reporters/base.js:58:60)

at null.<anonymous> (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/karma/lib/events.js:13:22)

at emitTwo (events.js:87:13)

at emit (events.js:172:7)

at onKarmaError (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/karma/lib/browser.js:95:13)

at Socket.<anonymous> (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/karma/lib/events.js:13:22)

at emitOne (events.js:82:20)

at Socket.emit (events.js:169:7)

at Socket.onevent (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/

at Socket.onpacket (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/

at Client.ondecoded (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/

at Decoder.Emitter.emit (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/component-emitter/index.js:134:20)

at Decoder.add (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/

at Client.ondata (/home/david/Workspace/ng2-seed/node_modules/

at emitOne (events.js:77:13)

I'm still not using the Http component in a "it" function, does someone know how to use Http on a unit test on Rc5? I need to reach my server services.

Solution :

TestBed.configureTestingModule expects module definition object as an argument. According to the manual, imported modules are listed as imports property, it should be


imports: [HttpModule],

providers: [LoginService, UserService]



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