SQL Server, a true Olympian

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Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest runner, now boasts his third successive 100m Olympic title.

What makes him so successful? Clearly he’s talented and determined.

But there are some key factors that any athelete would follow:

  • Discuss a plan to develop skills and strategy, with their coach, which would be put into action as they train/practice over and over.
  • Eat/sleep well to recover and keep high energy levels. The quality and amount of sleep plays a major role in their performance.
  • Make tweaks as recommended by the coach, who’s responsible for carrying out performance analysis.
  • Have a positive attitude. Just visualising the run/event would help build a winning mentality and achieve success.

SQL Server is no different. It:

  • Computes the query plan and stores it in the the cache allowing further executions to use the same plan again and again.
  • Maintenance tasks such as repair of defragmented indexes and stale statistics improves SQL Server’s performance.
  • DBAs tweak SQL Server configurations and indexes based on their monitoring and performance analysis to bring out the best of your SQL Server environment.
  • For three years in a row Gartner have positioned Microsoft SQL Server as the leader in the magic quadrant of operational database management systems. With SQL Server 2016 and its new features, Microsoft are determined not to lose this position.

We have a winner in our hands!

But it only takes a fraction of a second to split the winner from the rest. And to get every iota of performance out of SQL Server, the coach, the DBA (which is you!) can follow these tips to make leaps and bounds towards awesomity!


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